Good Night. Lock all your doors with a single touch.

Alberta Vinyl Windows & Doors

Sleep Easy Tonight!

Sleep easy tonight, knowing all your doors are locked with one touch on your security panel, smart phone or tablet from anywhere in your home.

The lock speaks to your security system
or home automation controller

No more rushing to your security system panel to disarm it upon entry.

Easily arm the security system upon leaving with the touch of one button.

Lock doors when security system is armed.

Disarm security system when door is unlocked.

Did you lock your doors this morning?

Replace your existing deadbolts with Weiser electronic locks and you’ll never worry again about whether you locked the doors.

  • Keyless Entry
  • Remote Access
  • Home Management

Weiser’s Home Connect Technology enables your Weiser door lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices in your home. Imagine locking your door from your cell phone or receiving a text message letting you know your child just got home from school. Home Connect Technology has the power to make it happen.

  • Know when the kids come home
  • Save on your home’s energy usage
  • Control when housekeepers can enter
  • Automatically arm the security system as you lock your door
  • Stop leaving keys under the doormat.
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