Commercial doors have to meet much larger challenges then residential ones, they need to be able to handle more day to day wear and tear while being easy to maintain. All while being easy to sanitize and have a lower total cost of ownership.

Hollow Metal doors, Hollow Metal Frames, Fire-Rated Doors and even commercial door hardware have increased strength and durability compared to regular doors, to provide a higher safety & security standard for your business.

Advantages of new entrance door:

  • Hollow Metal Doors are Energy Efficient since you can insulate the interior

  • Superior Protection against vandals and the elements
  • Multi-Purpose – Adds insulation – Blocks Fire – Enhances Security
  • Good long term investment as they will stand up against the test of time with increased durability
  • Specifically designed to be used as Fire Doors to protect your inventory and staff

If you are looking for interior or exterior commercial doors that meet your building codes, we can help.

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