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Insul-lite™ Manufacturing Window Partnership

With the global supply chain challenges and a high demand for 3mm to 6mm sealed units, our partnership with Insul-Lite™ has made it possible to deliver orders for our customers much quicker than the current industry standard.

Every unit that leaves Insul-Lite™ has been hand assembled and inspected to ensure only the highest quality products reach our customers. This includes not only clear and low emissivity (Low E) units, but any tint, pattern glass, or safety glass produced.

The glass industry experiences emergencies on a regular basis and Insul-Lite™ is ready to quickly help solve any problems that arise. We understand the importance of providing timely solutions in these situations, so give us a call if an emergency arises.

With many options in stock and the ability to generate custom orders, we are able to supply a wide range of glass sealed units courtesy our partnership with Insul-lite™.


Low E Glass Sealed units

Insul-Lite™ manufacturing sources a range of soft coat Low E (low emissivity) products to help achieve high energy efficiency. We carry Low E coatings from Guardian, Vitro (PPG) and Cardinal. If you need to match a particular type of Low E, there is a good chance we are able to supply that.

Blumcraft Entice Series Glass Entrance System

High Quality Glass Workmanship

Our clients demand high quality workmanship and with Insul-Lite™ we have got you covered! We boffer glass sealed unit construction with your choice of foam spacer material (i.e. Super Spacer or Eneredge), or aluminium bar. If you need grills as well, we have several options in different colours and thicknesses.