If you have small cracks or chips in your vehicle windshield they can impede your vision while driving, also the structural integrity can become compromised with a faulty/damaged windshield. A new windshield can provide a new seal which improves the insulation of the interior and reduces road noise. Drop us a line to get a quote for a new windshield.

Benefits of a new windshield:

  • Improved safety of your vehicle
  • Improved vision
  • Improved structural integrity of the vehicle
  • Improved seal of your vehicle
  • Reduced wind/road noise

Our technicians are highly trained in replacing all auto door glass, windshields and glass panels into a wide variety of personal, commercial, agricultural and heavy duty vehicles. 

Here are some tips to maintain your windshield:

  • Use eco-friendly windshield cleaners  
  • Avoid slamming your car doors ( this can increase any cracks size ) 
  • Stay further back from the vehicle in front of you  
  • Avoid extreme temperature swings ( like cranking the defrost heat in winter as this can also increase any cracks size ) 
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